1/72 F-16C “Mig Killer” USAF 78th FS

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1/72 F-16C “Mig Killer” USAF 77th FS "Gamblers"

  • $149.95USD

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Limited Production 1200 sets.

Details :

Includes seated pilot figure

Open/closed canopy

HUD & cockpit details including flight & throttle stick

Accurate ACES II ejection seat

Nose open option to reveal radar dish/radome

Brass (metal) pitot tube

Crew ladder

Includes full engine (removable) + engine dolly

Interchangeable engine nozzles (open/closed positions)

Interchangeable gear down/ gear up (flight) options

Interchangeable speed brakes option parts (open/closed)

Movable horizontal stabilisers

High die-cast metal content (model weighs 220 grams)

External stores includes fuel tanks, ECM pod, HARM pod & missiles, AIM-9 & AIM-120 missiles

Full tempo printed markings and stencils

High quality paint finish Limited edition serialised collector’s card 

Display stand each sold separately https://calibrewings.calibresmodels.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=103